Fitness, fun and achievable results

Fun, friendly fitness training for all

I love exercise but recognise that not everyone does! If this sounds like you, you are exactly the kind of person that I like to work with. Together we'll find something you enjoy that will help you stay motivated and reach your goals.

Whether it is running you want to give a go, or if you would like to find out more about one-to-one personal training take a look at the classes and sessions I offer below.

Pre- and post-natal fitness and help to lose the 'mummy tummy'

I am passionate about ensuring that women exercise safely and sensibly both during their pregnancy and after their little one's arrival... and beyond. I pride myself in making sure this is achieved in a welcoming, friendly environment, where social networks are built with fellow like-minded women.

I am highly trained and experienced as a pre- and post-natal fitness instructor and offer 1:2:1 and group fitness classes. For new mums the ever popular buggy fitness classes are a great stress-relief and fun time where your baby comes with you as you exercise.

For mums who are struggling to lose their 'mum tums' I am also able to offer specialist, bespoke training and nutrition programmes, following the Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis.

Specialist Women's Health For Life

I am proud to offer two separate courses for women at different stages in their lives.

Holistic Core Restore® is a core restoration programme that offers an easy, effective pelvic floor exercise for pregnancy, post natal or "never-too-late-natal" women. These courses are very effective at strengthening your pelvic floor and surrounding areas for women of any age.

For women who are late 30's and beyond, 3rd Age Vitality Club aims to help you. Are you finding that your strategies for diet and exercise don't seem to be working anymore, your sleep patterns and moods are changing and your body does not feel like your own? The Vitality Club will guide you through these hormonal changes and give you advice on nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing.

Having had two babies and two very large bumps to match, I worried that my stomach was never going to be the same again. I could feel a concerning gap down the middle that I just didn't think was 'normal'. Finding the right kind of help was difficult and I spoke to so many different professionals. None of them seemed to give the right guidance, but I was determined to do something about it.I found Emma online and went to see her straight away, thank god I did! It has been an absolutely fantastic experience and an eye opener to how such simple things could make a massive impact. Emma was great, after an initial assessment a tailor-made program was put together for me that I could do easily in my own time and around the hectic life that comes with two small children.

We also looked at ways to improve my diet and aid the recovery. Emma stayed in regular contact between sessions offering advice and support along the way. I can't thank her enough for the changes she has encouraged me to make. I am wearing clothes I had lost the confidence for! I will continue to live by a healthier lifestyle and increased exercise, but most importantly, the right exercise for me!

You get out of this as much as you put in, so if you're as determined as I was, you'll come out of it as happy as I am!!

Sarah Russell, October 2015

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