Personal Training

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I first contacted Emma as I was struggling to recover my fitness and ideal weight following a few years with health problems. I can honestly say it was a great decision, Emma worked out a programme that is constantly evolving and is always the right balance between challenging and achievable. I have found it really helpful to have the discipline and structure of a personal trainer both in creating a suitable programme and then monitoring it every step of the way to ensure I reach my goals.

Emma’s easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly fun! I am amazed at the extent to which I have become motivated and even enthusiastic about exercise.

 Running Assessment Course

This consists of a one hour assessment, where you will be taken through a full body postural and movement analysis. The purpose of this is to look for where your muscles are strong/weak and then for any imbalances that may exist. Following this I will be able to prescribe you a programme of exercises to strengthen any weak muscles and stretches to help lengthen any tight muscles, enabling you to run faster, stronger and with less risk of injury. 5 x 30 minute sessions will be subsequently be booked in at weekly intervals to check technique and ensure you are on target to achieve your end goal.

£170 for 6 sessions






Pay for 6 sessions up front and receive the 7th FREE!

£266 if within a 5 mile radius of Maidstone

Assessment (tailored to your individual needs and requirements), goal setting, weekly sessions and home workout).



Regular Sessions

£45 per hour

Weekly sessions if motivation is an issue.

(This price is based on the session being at Southcote Proactive Healthcare or within a 5 mile radius of Maidstone)

Green Fitness

This four week programme in the outdoor space of your choice will aim to improve your physical AND mental wellbeing. Following a thorough screening I will create a programme bespoke to your specific needs.

£157 (within a 5 mile radius of Maidstone)


Emma did wonders for my physical and mental wellbeing throughout my pregnancy. The exercise programme was pitched just right - not too strenuous, so I never felt at risk of doing myself or my baby any harm but just enough to make sure I left each session invigorated. As my baby grew and my body changed shape, thanks to Emma I never felt that I was losing control of myself or my mobility, which made a huge difference to my ability to enjoy my pregnancy and to stay busy and active.