About Emma

I love exercise but recognise that not everyone does! If this sounds like you, you are exactly the kind of person that I like to work with. I am convinced that there is something out there that you will enjoy and when you find that and start to achieve your goals, the results are amazing physically, mentally and emotionally. Try it, you may surprise yourself!


Certificate in Exercise & Health Studies 1996

Pre & Post Natal 2003

Advanced Instructor/Personal Trainer 2004

Certificate in Education 2007

First Aid 2014

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching 2009

Coach in Running Fitness 2014

Fully Insured

… of yes and… Wife, mother and my own person!

My Manifesto

  • I understand that your time is limited, will therefore plan exercise to fit in with busy schedules
  • You will become stronger – both mentally and physically
  • If I don’t know the answer, I know someone that does
  • It’s a lifestyle choice – not just exercise. There are many pieces to the jigsaw of health
  • I’m not interested in perfection, just progress
  • Just get out there and MOVE! Daily!
  • Community , network and support are at the heart of what I am about
  • Eat without guilt, but eat foods that will nourish
  • Success is defined by you and not by comparison to anyone else

My story

I qualified as a Fitness Instructor in December 1996, but have subsequently added Pre & Post Natal; Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching to my qualifications in 2003, 2007 and 2009 respectively. During the pregnancy of my first daughter Gracie 2006/2007, and then again with Archie during 2009/2010, I was keen to put all of my knowledge into practice and enjoyed a comfortable nine months x 2!

Whilst I was pregnant I undertook more training, this time a buggy workout called Pushy Mothers. At the time it was the only training system that was accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and received a commendation from the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health. I loved the idea of Mums being able to exercise with their babies, enjoying the fresh air and in a safe manner. With Pushy Mothers no longer trading I now run my own Buggy Fitness classes.

In April 2007, I started as an Exercise Specialist at Southcote Proactive Healthcare in Maidstone, where my focus has broadened from pre & post natal fitness to include improving the health of ladies entering the perimenopause and, subsequently, menopause. I am passionate that women exercise correctly according to their stage of life. I continue to update my knowledge in women's health on a regular basis.

There is too much pressure on women today to conform to a certain shape or size. My aim is for women to find a form of exercise that they enjoy and will continue with on a regular basis.