3rd Age – Vitality Club

What is the 3rd Age?

The “3rd age” is the time given to the Perimenopause, usually starting in late 30s and moving through your 40s,  when hormones start to change and you may feel like you don’t recognise your body or the way it is behaving anymore.

Perimenopause and Menopause are not a disease, nor are they each an event; they are a process, a journey of transition and transformation which can last between 8 and 16 years. When your “personal body bank account” is in credit, it’s a time you should move through WELL in body, mind and spirit.

Move Well into Menopause

Come along to an evening of education, meditation, exercise, health checks and some Menopause super-food snacks! Goodie bags to all attendees.

Southcote Proactive Healthcare – Friday 30th June – 7pm-8:30pm

£17.50 per person

Anyone attending the workshop will receive a 10% discount if signing up for the 21 Day Happy Hormone Challenge.

What many women experience

The problem is that most of us are severely overdrawn in our personal body bank accounts due to the lives we lead, the foods we eat, the thoughts we have about ourselves, life and anything else which draws on our emotional funds. And so you may feel that your body shape has changed and you can’t seem to control your weight anymore, or you don’t seem to get the sleep you crave, or have the energy you are used to for no particular reason that you can point to.  Perhaps your moods are changing and you feel frustrated that you are just not in the flow!

The good news is that there are ways to regain control

The 21 Day Happy Hormone Challenge will aim to improve your health by nourishing your mind, body and spirit following a thorough screening.  You will learn strategies to re-balance your body through nutrition, gain fitness and energy again, and help tone up where you thought all hope was lost! This is an incredibly positive course, where you will be supported all the way via a private Facebook page, and you will learn a lot of useful information, practical advice and skills to work with your body and learn to love yourself again.

Is today the day to start making positive habits for life? Please get in touch. I would love to help you.

The 21 Day Happy Hormone Challenge will consist of 3 screening questionnaires, access to 3 workouts as well as 3 relaxation/stretch sequences. During the course of the 21 days you will learn how sugar, fat, stress, water and exercise can impact your hormones.

We will be starting on Monday 3rd July and the price is £87

Also available on a 1-2-1 basis, 7 sessions for the price of 6 £266